The Hidden Job Market – Now Not-So-Hidden on Facebook?

I recently got 3 friends and acquaintances some interviews just by sending them leads from Facebook.  Easily done.

3 easy steps to the not-so-hidden “Hidden Job Market” through using Facebook:

  1. I use my own networks to see which stores, organizations, and pages my friends ‘like’ and if I admire the company I follow them, too.
  2. I then search out other Facebook pages that come to mind each day, and ‘like’ those.
  3. Next thing you know I’m seeing a post from a little boutique or agency each week saying something like “Hey friends, we’re looking for someone awesome to join the crew…” and I share away!

These little favours will help your reputation of being knowledgeable and connected – because you are (!) – and also have teensy weensy favours out there in the universe for your future Karma.

So don’t be weary of the hidden job market – be excited that you’re one of the very few who are actually tapping into it.  Also understand that it’s quicker and cheaper for employers so by the time it hits the job listings online or on their internal site, they’ve probably already asked everyone they know to keep an eye out and have slightly higher expectations now.  So if you hit that hidden job market and get a lead or interview, the interview process might well be quicker and more informal than if you’d applied for it through a ‘traditional’ source.

Ta ta for now, job hunters!

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